Layer 2 Warsaw Conference

30 August 2023
Warsaw University of Technology
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Conference & Hackathon

Agenda & Speakers

10:00 AM
Welcome to the L2WARSAW conference
10:15 AM
How Worldcoin is thinking about scalability
Research engineer at Worldcoin
10:45 AM
Privacy simply scales better, yours Polygon Miden
Dominik Schmid
Product Manager at Polygon Miden
coffee break
11:30 AM
My money is on L2, what's the worst that could happen?!
Antoni Pawlak
Software Engineer at L2BEAT
12:00 PM
Rollup Security Framework
Jan Gorzny
Head of L2 Scaling at Quantstamp
12:30 PM
A Decentralized Optimistic Rollup: Sequencers Pool
Jose Fabrega
CMO at Metis L2
1:00 PM
Know Before You Build: What to look at when building on L2
Matthias Egli
CTO at ChainSecurity
1:30 PM
Ethereum Equalivance with ZK Rollups
Marcus Wentz
Dev Rel at Taiko
lunch break
3:00 PM
How Rollup *Actually Actually* Work: Revisited
Toghrul Maharramov
Researcher at Scroll
3:30 PM
Challanges of Building Layer 2 Applications
Luca Donnoh
Jakub Wojciechowski
RedStone Oracles
Ino Murko
Enya Labs
Camila Shen
Marcello Bardus
Herodotus Dev
coffee break
4:30 PM
Arbitrum Governance
Patrick McCorry
Lead Research and Education at Arbitrum
5:00 PM
Client diversity in rollups
George Spasov
Co-Founder at LimeChain
5:30 PM
Native AA Magic: Giving developers UX superpowers
Vladyslav Bochok
Developer at Matter Labs

Location & Venue

Warsaw University of Technology

Plac Politechniki 1, Warsaw
About the venue

The conference is located at the campus of Warsaw University of Technology  – a prestigious institution renowned for its excellence in engineering, technology, and science education. With a rich history dating back to 1826, now shaping the brightest minds of new tech from around the globe.

About the event

Premier L2 Conference

L2Warsaw is a premier conference focusing on Ethereum's Layer Two (L2) technology. Organized in partnership with ETHWarsaw, the event takes place in August at Warsaw University of Technology, a day prior to the ETHWarsaw conference.

Following in the footsteps of our successful Layer Two Amsterdam conference, L2Warsaw is set to draw over 400 attendees, from tech enthusiasts to leading developers. The event offers a deep dive into the L2 ecosystem, addressing crucial aspects like technological breakthroughs and security challenges in blockchain technology.

With a strict policy of separating sponsorships from speaking engagements, we ensure our content remains authentic and unbiased. All speaking opportunities are granted free of charge and are based solely on the speaker's relevance to the summit's content.

Join us at L2Warsaw, where we connect, learn, and delve deep into the fascinating world of Ethereum L2 technology.

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